The fifth and last episode of the first cycle of the serial ‘The Vicinities, dedicated to young people in the region, is titled ‘Being Young in the Balkans’. Its aim: To bring to light the current atmosphere, the doubts and ideas – everything young people are facing nowadays. EFB Community members, former Leadership Development Programme and Fellowship Programme participants, are taking part in this episode. They were present during the first four shows as the audience but now they will take an active part in creating and running the programme. Two of them, Nevena Jovanovic (Serbia) and Bozana Beslic (Croatia), will take the microphone and will be hosts. ‘The world belongs to the young’, as the old phrase goes, so we will see how they manage the show. Their community co-members, Bosiljka Vukovic (Montenegro), Aleksandar Jovanoski (Macedonia), Azra Becirovic and Dejan Radic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Dejan Tonic, Srdjan Hercigonja, Tamara Brankovic, Vesna Jaric and Uros Zivkovic (Serbia) will, as youth representatives, express their views and opinions, giving answers and probably bringing more questions to the topic. The youth in the Western Balkans is facing challenges in many areas. Previous generations have left them with a heavy burden and they are trying to overcome it every day. With such a heritage, what can young people in the region expect of the future? The enrolment of new technology in everyday life, the relations of the new media with young people, the phenomenon of Facebook and other social networks are some of the topic they will discuss. It is very difficult to find a job these days, no matter how old one is. Young people wait too long for that first job, so it is not rare that they get older in the waiting line. With wars behind them and new frictions in front, it is hard to resist overall depression. Unemployment, the consequences of the crisis, Facebook, heritage – how the youth are handling it and fighting it – don’t miss it! Watch on: BHTV, Studio B, RT Vranje, TV Vijesti – Monday April 30, 2012 – 20h Kapital Network – Tuesday May 1, 2012 – 21.15h RTRS – Wednesday, May 2, 2012 ALSAT-M TV – Saturday, May 5, 2012 photos - The Vicinities – Episode 5 – EFB Community Members To Run The Show watch here : Vicinities 5 - Being Young in the Balkans