22.09.2020 Author: balkanfund

A new vision for the public sector

A new vision for the public sector is inevitable. A vision created on solid foundations and real efforts for efficient implementation of innovation within the public sector. One would ask why. Why do we need modernisation and new perception in the public sector?

10.12.2019 Author: balkanfund

My Incredibile EFB Experience

Being part of this wonderful experience called EFB was once in a lifetime opportunity and the best thing that has happened to me...

19.12.2018 Author: balkanfund

A professional adventure and a remarkable opportunity for bringing a positive impact back home

The EFB fellowship program gave me a remarkable opportunity to connect and interact with colleagues from the region, who are, like myself...

08.02.2019 Author: balkanfund

My working Roman Holiday

My name is Maja Konstantinovic and I was granted a EFB fellowship, which offered me the unique opportunity to spend three months in Rome working in the Ministry of Education...

15.10.2019 Author: balkanfund

Hiding Memory, Hiding Responsibility

Jelena Krstic, Programme Development at Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia EFB Fellow, Summer School in Comparative Conflict