Liberty defined as a responsible use of freedom, limited by the rule of law and the freedom and rights of others. Liberty allows people to enjoy freedoms which include free speech, freedom of association, religion, thought, movement, etc. Liberty implies being free from oppression imposed by authority on one's way of life, behaviour or political views. We want to contribute to achieving this state in the region.



The EFB aims to raise people’s awareness of the need to build common solutions for shared problems throughout the Western Balkans. A precondition for creating such awareness is the understanding that all citizens in the region share similar challenges, hopes and perceptions of reality, and that regional solidarity is a tool for change.



We are against all forms of discrimination. We promote the equality of all citizens, regardless of nationality, religion or ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender. Our dedication to equality rests on our obligation to nurture universal human values.



Individual openness to new knowledge and ideas, adapting to changing environments, contributing to personal growth – all this is a precondition for our organisational growth. The EFB wants to nourish a culture of open communication internally among colleagues, as well as outward openness in communication with all stakeholders, adding to transparent cooperation. 



By following sustainable and ethical practices, we embrace four aspects of accountability: upward accountability towards founding organizations, horizontal towards partners, downward towards our beneficiaries, and internal within the EFB team. Furthermore, the EFB is accountable to its legacy created so far.



Organizational integrity refers to the ethical integrity of the individuals within the organisation, the ethical quality of their interactions, as well as the dominating norms, activities, decision-making procedures and results. By putting professionalism, high quality of work and firm values at the forefront, the EFB has managed to ingrain trust in its relations with numerous stakeholders.



Through its track record of activities and results, the EFB has always displayed a firm dedication to supporting substantial reforms, best practices and policy solutions as one of the most important prerequisites for the democratisation of the Western Balkan countries.


Environmental responsibility

We aim to contribute to the protection of the environment and sustainability, by organising all our daily and program activities as environmentally friendly as possible, pursuing no waste and recycled solutions. We will monitor emissions caused by our air travel and offset our carbon footprint. Furthermore, we want to raise awareness about this topic in all of our program activities.