Supporting the process of affirming the political credibility of the enlargement policy across the Western Balkans while insisting on the commitment to the principles of the Thessaloniki Agenda.

Regained political credibility for the enlargement policy and operationally functioning dynamics according to the Thessaloniki Agenda is one of EFB’s core interests. Therefore, we will advance our advocacy activities towards a close cooperation with individual EU member states administrations, opinion makers and Brussels officials, on contributing to clearer positions on the Western Balkans accession to the EU.


Our key objectives

  • Common regional concerns regarding the EU integration to be voiced towards decision-makers and the general public in the region, through tailor-made messages and approaches inclusively developed by all relevant stakeholders;
  • Relevant proposals from the WB on common European challenges to be addressed to the member states and the Brussels administrations and opinion makers;
  • All targeted stakeholders in the EU and its member states to be better informed about the state of play.