About the EFB

European Fund for the Balkans

The European Fund for the Balkans is a joint initiative of European foundations (Erste Foundation, Robert Bosch Foundation and King Baudouin Foundation) that envisions, runs and supports programmes aimed at strengthening democracy, fostering European integration and affirming the role of the Western Balkans in addressing Europe’s emerging challenges.

Key goals of the EFB for the next 5 years

  • Providing means and platforms where informed and empowered citizens will take action and demand accountable institutions and democracy.
  • Improving regional cooperation among the civil society in the WB region based on solidarity and demand-driven dialogue and exchange of ideas, opinions and actions.
  • Supporting the process of affirming the political credibility of the enlargement policy across the Western Balkans region while insisting on the commitment to the principles of the Thessaloniki Agenda.

Ultimate goal

Contributing to vibrant democracies and liberal societies in the region through increased citizen engagement and improved regional cooperation, within the framework of a credible EU membership prospect.