Press conference – TV Show ‘The Vicinities’ – March 30, 2012, Belgrade, Aero Club, 13h Informative talk shows ‘The Vicinities’ – set of 5 TV policy debates was presented on Friday March 30, 2012 in Aero Club, Belgrade. The Vicinities is organized jointly by the European Fund for the Balkans and the Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe. 'The Vicinities' aims to gather people from throughout the region, from policy experts and analysts, representatives of the civil society and the government, to discuss and exchange ideas on different topics. The first edition includes set of five TV debates on issues like stereotypes, how to survive economic crisis, media, the life of young people in the Balkans and the role of great powers in the Balkans. The conference was opened by Mr Nenad Sebek (CDRSEE) and Mr Petar Lazic (journalist, Serbia) who are also the hosts of these TV debates. Mrs Hedvig Morvai Horvat (EFB) underlined the importance of this initiative in joining forces in overcoming problems that are common for every state of the region. One of the speakers at the conference was Mr Benjamin Butkovic, editor of BH TV Sarajevo as a media representative member of media he finds this project very significant in trying to improve life within your neighborhood. ’Our language is similar and we face similar problems, by sharing ideas we make them easier and improve our lives’ he pointed out. The guests at the conference were Mrs Vildana Selimbegovic (Magazin ‘Oslobodjenje’, Sarajevo) and Mr Tomislav Klauski (web portal, Zagreb) who marked the role and the importance of the media in project of this kind. “This is not yugosphere, we have common interests and common problems, and we have to overcome them together” said Mr Klauski. The conference ended up with the performance of stand-up comedian Marina Orsag who talked about prejudice introducing the first TV debate. Broadcasting of the first TV debate with the theme prejudice is set up for Monday 2, April, 2012.on regional televisions- RTV Studio B (20h), TV Vranje from Serbia, Bosnian BH TV Sarajevo, and Montenegrin TV Vijesti.