The European Fund for the Balkans has supported several editions of the Belgrade Security Forum since 2011. From its outset, this project’s main objective was to build a genuine security community of peoples and states of the Balkans region, through a region-wide debate carried out by political leaders and members of the international community, civil society and the research community.

The Belgrade Security Forum has brought the European and global security debate to the Balkans, discussing Balkan security issues within the European and global security framework, and presenting Balkan achievements and dilemmas to the participants in the European and global security debate.

Over the years, the organisers of the Belgrade Security Forum, well-known civil society organisations – Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, European Movement in Serbia, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy – made an effort to turn this event into a high-level regional hub for policy dialogue which meaningfully contributes to the development of the security community in the region, as well as to the ongoing European and global security and foreign policy debates.

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