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Trees of Friendship in 9 cities of the region

This year’s 4th edition of our regional Trees of Friendship initiative was a proof that the joint efforts of all our partners involved in the

Forth edition of our regional initiative Trees of Friendship

20 November is reserved for the fourth edition of our regional initative "Trees of Friendship". In this year' planting action 450 trees will be

beeEFB Buzz - October 2023

The latest beeEFB buzz is a digested form of the few milestones achieved in the past 3 months of activities in the frames of the beeEFB Alumni

EFB 15th Anniversary in Belgrade

September 27th in Belgrade was all about the EFB 15. The European Fund for the Balkans gathered its friends, partners, alumni, beneficiaries and

Launching event for the second edition of the beeEffect Programme

The Launching Event of the second edition of the beeEffect Programme, which was held in Belgrade and Divčibare from September 27 to October 1st, was

Kick off of the regional project on raising the awareness on SLAPP lawsuits

The regional project led by NDNV in cooperation with Helsinški parlament građana Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina and Institut za medije

EFB Statement on BiEPAG's Member Jovana Marović denied entry to Serbia, 24.08.2023 

The European Fund for the Balkans wants to condemn the undertaken action of the Serbian authorities towards our Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory
15.06.2023 All News

Opening of the "Labyrinth of the 90s" exhibition at Prostor Miljenko Dereta, June 15th

The exhibition "Labyrinth of the 90s" at  will be open on June 15th at Prostor Miljenko Dereta at 14:00.  This exhibition is

Public Presentation of the BiEPAG policy brief on regional cooperation in Tirana, June 9th, 2023

The policy forum organised by Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group and IDM Albania on June 9th in Tirana, was an opportunity to present the

Wrap up of the Engaged Balkans Initiative Convention vol.2 in Pristina

The second Engaged Democracy Convention - Engage, Inspire, Empower! was organised in Pristina on May 17-20, 2023. The regional format gathered around

Open call for applications for the beeEffect regional programme

The call for applications for the second edition of the beeEffect programme in the frames of our beeEFB Alumni Network is now open.  The

“Engaged Democracy Convention - Engage, Inspire, Empower!” Vol.2 in Pristina, May 17-20, 2023

The second edition of the “Engaged Democracy Convention - Engage, Inspire, Empower!” will be organised from May 17 to 20, 2023 in

Premiere of the BiEPAG podcast Seriously Balkans - The BiEPAG Talks, Episode 1

The premiere of the first podcast episode of the BiEPAG podcast series is hosted by Florian Bieber (BiEPAG's Coordinator, Director of Centre for

beeEFB Alumni Network Annual Event in Skopje, March 3-5, 2023

The beeEFB Alumni Network  Annual event was held in Skopje from March 3 to March 5, 2023. The whole progamme of the this gathering of the

Promotion of the Digital Majority Project, Novi Sad, March 6th, 2023

The presentation of the program of free workshops that will enable the citizens to actively create content on the largest digital platform of

beeEFB Digest December

Check the latest news from the beeEFB Alumni Network Newsletter featuring news on the latest developments in the Network when it comes to

Apply for the Western Balkans Fellowship Programme at the Austrian Parliament

We are looking for the 6 best applicants from the WB6 National Parliaments, who want to shape the regional and European collaboration by using their knowledge and enthusiasm in applying the best practices in the process of administrative reform

Trees of Friendship Vol.3 joint video

We are happy to share the video mosaic of the coordinated tree planting actions in some of the most polluted cities in the #WesternBalkans - Bor,

Third edition of our regional initiative Trees of Friendship

We have launched the third edition of our regional initiative "Trees of Friendship" which is implemented in cooperation with our local partners in all the countries of the region. 
28.11.2022 All News

Strict, Fair and More Open Towards EU Enlargement!

Dutch Public Opinion on EU Membership of the Western Balkans In 2019, the Dutch parliament vetoed the start of EU accession negotiations with Albania. Together with the simultaneous French veto against the start of talks with North Macedonia and Albania, it became clear how fragile the efforts to expand the EU in Southeastern Europe are.

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