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The Anatomy of Capturing Serbia’s Security Intelligence

KEY ASPECTS OF SECURITY SERVICES REFORM – The Experiences of Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro

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Resolution of Bilateral Disputes in the Western Balkans: Role of the European Union and Berlin Process(2018)

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The Credible Enlargement Perspective through the lenses of the Ber_lin Process(2018)

The Berlin Process as an actor in Internal Security and Counter-Terrorism – Opportunities and Pitfalls(2018)

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Steps Towards Sustainable Development of Small Hydropower Plants in Montenegro(2017)

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Migration, Social services, Integration(2016)

The Berlin Process and Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans: How to Make Agreements More Effective and Efficient?

The Berlin Process: Crystalisation point for the Western Balkans(2016)

Weak Labour Markets, Weak Policy Responses(2016)

A mapping and Comparative Assessment of the Youth Organization in the Western Balkans(2016)