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Panel Discussion “Croatia and the EU: The closer to the goal, the less optimism”


Croatia and the EU: The closer to the goal, the less optimismZagreb: 21 January 2010

The European Fund for the Balkans in partnership with the Academy for Political Development is organizing a  panel discussion “Croatia and the EU: The closer to the goal, the less optimism”, in Zagreb, on Thursday 21 January 2010, 16:00 – 18:00 at EU Information Centre, Trg žrtava fašizma 6, Zagreb

Following the European Commission’s evaluations of progress of the Western Balkans towards European integration, the new Gallup Balkan Monitor on public opinion in the region offers insights into citizens’ views of the EU. In order to present and widely acknowledge the results of the Gallup Balkan Monitor, the European Fund for the Balkans in cooperation with Gallup Europe initiated a series of Gallup Balkan Monitor presentations and public discussions in the capitals of Western Balkan countries on the future of the Balkans, its European aspirations and the potential of “attitude change” and Europeanisation of the societies in the region.

The Zagreb event will focus on Croatia respondent’s attitudes and perceptions. The Gallup Balkan Monitor investigates public opinion on a broader range of issues, from the satisfaction with life standard and living conditions of citizens, attitudes towards the declaration of independence of Kosovo, to the desire to emigrate, expectations from the government and attitudes towards EU integration.

The results of country specific results for Croatia will be presented by Mr. Robert Manchin, Director of Gallup Europe. The discussion will be opened with short introduction by Ms. Hedvig Morvai-Horvat, Executive Director of the European Fund for the Balkans, Ms. Nevena Crljenko, Executive Director of the Academy for Political Development and Mr. Paul Vandoren, Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Croatia.

Panelists are Ms. Vesna Pusic, President, National Committee for Monitoring Accession Negotiations, Mr. Davor Bozinovic, State Secretary for European Integration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in Croatia, Josip Kregar, Proffessor, Faculty of Law, Zagreb, Srdjan Dvornik, Publicist.

Please confirm your participation until Wednesday, 20 January 2010 on info@politicka-akademija.org

For detailed results please visit Gallup Balkan Monitor