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Watch the video with the inspiring opening speeches on the EFB Community Meeting – Hedvig Morvai, Ivo Josipovic and Andrew Rasiej


The successful launch of the first EFB Community Meeting in Zagreb in the period of 11-14 of October was an excellent starting point for the realization of the idea for bringing all the EFB community members on one place

The 3-day program that was realized under the motto “People, Ideas and Networks” was officially opened with the welcome speech of Hedvig Morvai, the Executive director of the European Fund for the Balkans and Knut Neumayer, programme director, Erste Stiftung.

The president of Republic of Croatia, Mr. Ivo Josipovic honored the community members from the different Balkan countries and EU, with his interesting remarks and insights on the subject “The European Future of the Western Balkans ”. His guest for the evening was Mr. Sulejman Tihic, the chairman of the House of peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina who agreed that all the countries from the region should follow the positive example of Croatia, which is expected to become a EU member state in 2013.

The keynote speaker and founder of Personal Democracy Media Mr. Andrew Rasiej intrigued the guests with his inspirational presentation on “The power of networks- How the internet enhances acivism”. Speaking about the unquestionable power of the new media, applications and internet, he showed various aspects of how the new technologies can influence the public on emotional, intellectual and spiritual level, as in different areas as the politics, everyday life and work.

The series of fresh topic, brainstorming and exchange of ideas unfolded during the 3 days which were also filled with other dynamic activities from the EFB agenda. The EFB Community meeting offered stimulating exchange of opinions and an opportunity to share thoughts with popular speakers about the current issues in Europe.

The fruitful plenary sessions, discussions and open space communication served as an engine for developing new creative solutions, visions and concepts for bringing the Western Balkans closer to the EU and vice versa.

Different generations of EFB Community members, partner companies, collaborators, political and civil society activists, researchers, consultants, professors, policy advocates, trainers, students and many more guests were all gathered on one place. That was the best evidence of the EFB policy that the most valuable resources are the people who are connected with us through their active engagement in our Programmes.

The live stream video from the opening of the conference can give you a nice overview of the whole spirit and dynamics of all the EFB meetings. Please check the following link: